The FORU acts at the epicenter of an oil spill rather than at the end, when oil reaches beaches and estuaries causing maximum damage. It can handle a broad range of oil, from gasoline to crude oil. Simple, sensitive and safe.

In short, the FORU is a unique device, highly flexible, capable of recovering massive quantities of oil in record time, even under adverse weather conditions. Operated by only two persons it is capable of working continuously without any maintenance for longer periods of time.

Unmatched characteristics

– Capacity: recovers 40,000 – 45,000 barrels of oil per 24 hours
– Oil recovery ratio of > 75%
– Highly flexible: immediate deployment when oil spill occurs
– Functions in rough water : waves of ≤ 8,2 feet (< 2,5 m)
– Adjustable down-draught system for a broad spectrum of oil substances
– Fits in a 20 feet container, including power pack  – Easy to lift and transport
– Easy to operate : low operational costs
– Built for industrial use : low maintenance costs
– Tested at the Pollution Control Authority in Horten, Norway

A broad range of services

– Training with the FORU will be provided in an oil test facility, for example at the Government Oil Test Facility in Horten, Norway
– Furthermore training sessions will be held in the Wadden Sea with the support of our salvage partner BDS (Port of Harlingen, The Netherlands)
– We also are able to provide training at your facilities
– Discharge hose characteristics can be checked in our FORU model based on various lenghts and heights
– Standard guarantee conditions
– Spare parts included in the price