Algea Skimmer

Our skimming system is designed for skimming oil of the water surface. The market however demands also a solution for skimming algae. With a feasibility study funded by the province of Northern Holland we are able to look into this area and see whether we can use our skimming system for this purpose. This way we are able to expand our solutions to a broader market.

Succesfull demonstration in oil

Another successful live demonstration in the test facility of the Norwegian Coastal Administration based in Horten. Multiple demonstrations have been performed with great results!

FORU at the Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition November 2016

FORU attending the Conference with the US CoastGuard (USCG) at the Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition November 2016. Our booth 242 with the FORU at the Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition November 2016. Japanese interest: PAJ members looking for more oil response capacity.

Computer simulations: towards long-term improvements

As you know, Foru Solution has committed to a never-ending development process. There’s always room for improvement, and we intend to find as well as use it. Currently, we are working with computer simulations, searching for ways to improve our already solid product. We’d like to tell you a bit more about this!

Publication Leeuwarder Courant

Publication in the Leeuwarden Courant: "The birth of an oil vacuum cleaner" Article about: Two FORU's for the Waddensea financed by 'Het Waddenfonds'. And one FORU for Colombia on its way!

FORU at the Sakhalin Oil and Gas Conference

Sakhalin Conferance FORU presentation Sakhalin Conference panel discussion