Recent major oil spill catastrophes are the best proof that radical changes have to be made. The damage done to the environment is no longer acceptable. And next to the spilling of huge amounts of oil, the ‘collateral damage’ is enormous.

As pressure is growing from different parties, new offshore projects are halted and stricter laws are introduced, while in the meantime the oil industry is losing billions of dollars. That’s why there is an urgent need for the ultimate solution to control the effects of another oil spill. The good news is: this safety net solution is finally available!

A key change in risk management

The FORU (Floating Oil Recovery Unit) is an oil recovery device, based on the latest technical developments. It is not a skimmer but an adjustable down-draught system that performs skimming activities. It’s shape makes it become one with the waves, ready to function under rough offshore circumstances.

Working at high speed the FORU takes in up to 340 m3 per hour of the oil/water mixture (approx. 90,000 US gallons). The toxic liquid will be pumped into a storage facility such as an oil tanker, barge or bladder.